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We Are Golden Dreams Bouquets


Convinced flowers are in my 


My name is Bri Perez, and I am chasing my longtime dream of owning my own floral design company.

Our History

Golden Dreams was birthed in Bali, Indonesia of all places during a worldwide pandemic. It was created with intention from the Lord's heart, seeking what His vision might be if He ever started a floral company. Golden Dreams Bouquets helps couples create their dream wedding florals that will hopefully continue to inspire their own dreams for years to come...both as a couple and individually. 

Our Values

We create aesthetic visions that we feel proud of and align with the client's dreams. 

We encourage wild, free dreaming in our clients and employees. 

We will take time with the details and care about small things.

We love to bless our brides and clients. 

We look at business, marketing, creating, and sales as an act of worship for Jesus. 


Creating Golden Flowers for you Golden Moments

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